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In the long journey of life
21-01-2019, 03:23:36
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In the long journey of life
In the long journey of life, everyone has a dream, everyone struggles for their dreams, but to realize their orning, crowded, there are all kinds of people: students carrying school bags, workers wearing hard hats, rushing to work adults... Have you ever thought about such a problem: they" of the Spring Festival Gala, a small line of Shenyang said: "The life of a person is actually very short. The eyes are closed one day and the day is over. The eyes are closed for a lifetime." Many people just laughed at this sentence, but if you carefully recall it, yothe landing of tomorrow's meal. The same is human, how is the gap so different. People often sigh, and people often complain that they sigh their own poverty and complain about the injustice of life. The stars have also ran through the dragons, and the rich have also done chores, behind the gorgeous is the bitterness that people can't see. They used to fi asked the students to play a small game Cheapest Ciggerette Cartons. The teacher first sent a blank sheet of paper and a colored pencil to each of the students, allowing the students to paint freely on them. Ten minutes later, everyone finished their work, some painted houses, some painted cute characters, some painted tables... It seems that every painting is good. Then the psychology teacher takes everyone to the next step: pass their paintings in their own group, and everyone must add a few strokes to other people's paintings. When the paper is returned to your own hands Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S, look at what it is Duty Free Newport. As a result, some people's paintings have been horrible, while others have become more expressive because of the love of other students. Finally, the teacher asked everyone to fix his painting in five minutes. In addition, he said something like this: "This painting is like your future and dreams. It seems to be very good at first. But it will also be affected by the external environment. The key is whether there is any courage to change and fix it." probably like this: There were three people in the past who had a common dream and boarded a mountain. Then one day they came together to the mountain, the mountain is really high! They could not help but sigh. Seeing such a high mountain, one person thinks: If the mountain is so high, I can't climb it, or go back early. This person has not returned since he started climbing. The remaining two people bite their teeth and start climbing. I don't know how long it took, the two had climbed halfway up the mountain, and one looked at the steeper mountain in front Order Marlboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, and he also retreated. The last person left, he looked at the steep mountain road and there was no bottom, but he suddenly thought of his dreams and climbed the mountain! He is no longer timid, all the way to sleep, and boarded the mountain. He saw an unprecedented beauty in the mountains. He lay on the grass and breathed the fresh air, looking up at the pure sky. After the man went down the mountain, he saw two other friends who said that they would climb together Cigarettes Marlboro 100'S. He proudly said to them: "I insisted on boarding the mountain. On the mountain, I saw the beauty I had never seen before. The important thing is that I have fulfilled one of my dreams!", a lot of people running along a path and heading for it, and only those who are trying to persist. Then let us go to the dream together!
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